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DrugInfo team

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DrugInfo is supported by the Victorian Government to provide easy access to information about prevention of alcohol and other drug harms, through our publications, resource centre and seminars.


Our website is aimed at anyone who can have an impact on changing the behaviour of people at risk of, or who need support with, alcohol and other drug issues. The audience includes, but is not restricted to, alcohol and other drug workers, health professionals, parents, teachers and local government workers.


This site does not host any form of paid advertising.

We sometimes promote events and publications that we believe will be of interest to our audience; however, we do not receive any payment for this service.

DrugInfo team

The DrugInfo website is compiled by our team of experienced writers, with contributions from alcohol and other drug (AOD) and health policy professionals and organisations. Every item is thoroughly vetted to ensure the information is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to the Australian AOD sector. All content is reviewed and approved by Alcohol and Drug Foundation staff.

When content is created or reviewed by contributors outside the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, this will be clearly stated on those individual web pages.

Our writers and reviewers

Ian Comben (Information Officer)
Ian has a Bachelor of Public Health and a Graduate Diploma of Community Services and worked in the Blood Borne Virus sector for over 10 years.  

Anna Gifford (Knowledge and Information Manager)
An experienced information professional with over 20 years in the sector, Anna has worked in a range of settings including education, the arts, research and the media. Much of her work has been in libraries, but she has also worked in information architecture within Victorian Government, and is a specialist in thesaurus and taxonomy development. She has presented at a number of conferences and is the editor of the third edition of the Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors. 

Kate James (Editorial Manager)
Kate has over 10 years of broad communications experience gained through working in a range of sectors including health, education, media and science. She has specialised in translating complex information for different audiences to make it more accessible and engaging.

Kit Kavanagh-Ryan (E-Discovery Librarian)
Kit holds a Masters of Information Management from RMIT University and has worked across schools and specialist libraries since 2013. She has over ten years’ experience as a media monitor for the Australian Associated Press.  Most recently, she was a content writer and web editor for the Australian Emergency Management Institute in Mount Macedon, Victoria. Currently completing a higher degree by research at Deakin University, Kit has a passion for web accessibility, untangling your reference queries and genre fiction. 

Geoff Munro (National Policy Manager, Alcohol and Drug Foundation) 

A former secondary school teacher, Geoff has worked in the drug field for over twenty years specialising in drug prevention and community development for government and non-government services. He has led numerous projects, published on policy and practice in peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at conferences, drug summits and parliamentary inquiries. His current role involves policy development and advocacy.

Ben O'Mara (Science writer)
Ben is a researcher and writer. He worked for over ten years in the university sector, and, more recently, in health agencies. Most of his work has explored ways to make health communication more inclusive for people from a range of backgrounds, including through the use of information technology. He has been published in peer-reviewed journals as well as mainstream media, presented papers at a number of conferences and facilitated training and workshops with students and community and social service workers.

Information sources

In most cases, we cite our references on the web page. On some pages, such as fact sheets and drug facts pages, where we have tried to keep the page as brief as possible, references have not been included. If you require information on any of our sources, please contact DrugInfo.


Last updated: 27 April 2016


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