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SMS service: Get the effects by txt!

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Get the effects by txt! is a service of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation that provides drug information via mobile text message.

How does it work?

Simply text a drug name to 0439 TELL ME* (0439 835 563) and receive a discreet and authoritative drug information message direct to your mobile phone.

The reply will list a number of the drug's effects, and links to find further information on the DrugInfo website as well as the Directline phone number (1800 888 236) for 24/7 free and confidential counselling and referral.

Find out more about the SMS service

This service is based on the New Zealand Drug Foundation's 'Get the msg' service.

*Standard rates apply to text 0439 835 563.

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text me


Last updated: 27 April 2016

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