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DrugInfo website

Our contributors

Find out about the experience and qualifications of contributors to the DrugInfo website.

Other Alcohol and Drug Foundation websites

Our website is complemented by six other Alcohol and Drug Foundation websites: 

  • DrugInfo is a program of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF). The ADF aims to prevent alcohol and other drug problems in communities. The website includes the organisation's vision, policies and media presence.
  • The Other Talk is a resource for parents wanting to learn about alcohol and other drugs to protect their children from associated harms.
  • ADF Shop is an online shop selling books, DVDs, pamphlets, CD-ROMs, posters and postcards, focusing on alcohol and other drug-related topics.
  • Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) is a database of quality-assured websites on alcohol and other drug topics. 
  • Good Sports is a program supporting community sports clubs to manage alcohol and other drug issues.


Last updated: 4 May 2016


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