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Young people

Young people at a concert

Drug facts


Teen drinking law

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During your teenage years your social life can undergo huge changes. At some time during this period you might find yourself in a situation where you need to make decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

It’s hard to make decisions when you are likely to be feeling pressure from parents, friends, siblings and the media.

Information you can trust

Make sure you have all the facts you need to decide what’s right for you. Rely on trusted sources of information like DrugInfo's Drug facts, 0439 TELL ME text message service or our youth website, Somazone.

You can find out more about these services below. Remember them, so you know where to turn whenever alcohol and other drug issues come up in your life.

Can’t find what you need to know? Contact DrugInfo. We can help answer your questions—and our service is free and confidential.

Drug facts

Get the effects by text message 0439 TELL ME


Don’t just believe what people tell you. Check drug facts for reliable information on drugs and their effects.

Text message

When you're not online, you can still get drug information—just use your phone.

So, if you hear slang name for a drug, and you're not sure what it is, text the name to 0439 TELL ME (0439 835 563) and you'll get a text message with information about the drug and its effects*. Find out more about our SMS service.


Sometimes it might feel like nearly everyone is using alcohol and other drugs, but what are 12–17 year olds really using? See our infographic poster to find out.

Infographic poster: What are 12-17 year olds really using?


Watch a short infographic video on the statistics about young people and alcohol in Australia.


Teen drinking law

It is now against the law in Victoria to serve alcohol in a private home to anyone under 18, unless their parent or guardian has given permission. This means that people like your friends' parents or older brothers and sisters can't give you alcohol unless your parents have agreed to it.

Find out more about the new teen drinking law.

Find out more


Somazone is an Australian youth service with free questions and answers on alcohol, other drugs, mental health, relationships and more.




If you do drink alcohol, visit Hello Sunday Morning to find out how to create meaningful change in your life by taking a short break from alcohol.

Further information


    Browse our resources for young people and also find out what you need to think about if you're having a party.


      *Standard rates apply to text 0439 835 563.

      Last updated: 13 April 2016

      Information you heard is intended as a general guide only. This audio is copyrighted by the Australian Drug Foundation. Visit for more