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Sporting clubs

Sport is an important part of Australian culture. Unfortunately, participation in sport is often associated with harmful levels of alcohol consumption.

Browse the resources below to find out how your club can manage alcohol safely and responsibly, and reduce problems such as binge and underage drinking.

Drug information

Get the facts on alcohol and other drugs and how they might affect the people who take them.

Performance and image enhancing drugs, DrugInfo alert, February 2013


In December 2009, DrugInfo produced a set of publications focused on the topic of 'Alcohol and community sporting clubs'. These included fact sheets, a newsletter and a Prevention Research Quarterly. Read or download these publications.


As a follow up to these publications, in April 2010, DrugInfo hosted a seminar on Healthy people, healthy clubs: reducing alcohol-related harms in community sport.

Fact sheets

Other DrugInfo fact sheets you might be interested in:

    Getting help for your club

    Good Sports is a program of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, which supports community sports clubs to manage alcohol and other drug issues.

    Read A new game plan: changing the alcohol focus in Australian sport to find out how Good Sports can help your club.

    Last updated: 13 April 2016

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