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Handouts and online resources on new psychoactive substances (NPS)

DrugInfo offers hundreds of free resources about caffeine and other drugs, including fact sheets, pamphlets and reports.

Most resources can be downloaded from the links provided in the list. Details about how to obtain hard copies of the resources are outlined in the list. For further information contact DrugInfo. Limits apply and large orders may incur postal charges.


New psychoactive substances in general

Title Publisher Format Availability
A guide to synthetic drugs within our community
(for the Victorian Koori community)
Victorian Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), 2014 Pamphlet (PDF)
  • Online: DrugInfo
High-way code: New drugs Global Drug Survey Infographic
  • Online: Global Drug Survey
New psychoactive substances (NPS) facts Alcohol and Drug Foundation Webpage
  • Online: DrugInfo
PolicyTalk: New psychoactive substances: no easy answer Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 2014 Webpage
  • Online: Alcohol and Drug Foundation



Title Publisher Format Availability
Bromo-DragonFLY Fact sheet
  • Online:



Title Publisher Format Availability
Mephedrone facts Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 2013 Webpage
  • Online: DrugInfo


MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone)

Title Publisher Format Availability
MDPV Fact sheet
  • Online:



Title Publisher Format Availability
Methoxetamine DrugScope Webpage
  • Online: DrugScope


Methylone(Explosion, MDMC, bk-MDMA)

Title Publisher Format Availability
Methylone (Explosion, MDMC, bk-MDMA) Fact sheet
  • Online:


Naphyrone (NRG-1)

Title Publisher Format Availability
Naphyrone (NRG-1) Fact sheet Online:



Title Publisher Format Availability
NBOMe facts Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 2013 Webpage Online: DrugInfo


Phenazepam (Bonsai, Bonsai Supersleep)

Title Publisher Format Availability
Phenazepam ('Bonsai', 'Bonsai Supersleep') Webpage Online:


Synthetic cannabis

Title Publisher Format Availability
Synthetic cannabinoids Alcohol and Drug Foundation Fact sheet (PDF) Online: DrugInfo
Synthetic cannabinoids National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), 2013 Fact sheet Online: NCPIC


ADF SEARCH – Find further credible research and information on new psychoactive substances

ADIN – Find further credible websites with information on new psychoactive substances



Last updated: 11 May 2016

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