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Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and those who work with them, will find some useful resources at the links below.


Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible. In this way it contributes to 'closing the gap' in health between Indigenous and other Australians


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Strong Boorais, Bright Futures 
The Alcohol and Drug Foundation, in collaboration with The Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Incorporated (VACCHO) have created a fantastic DVD on smoking, alcohol and drug use while pregnant and breastfeeding. 


Healthy spirit, healthy community: A guide to drugs & alcohol within our community (booklet and pamphlet series)
These publications were produced as educational and informational resources for the Victorian Aboriginal community. They were developed by a partnership between the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), Victorian Koori Alcohol & Other Drug Workers and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, with support from the Victorian Government.


Resources for workers in the alcohol and drug field who work with Indigenous communities (DrugInfo fact sheet)
The resources and support services listed in this fact sheet range from pamphlets and information to give to clients, to research and reports, noticeboards and e-lists, workforce development and training, and links to government policies and strategies.

The Indigenous Dual Diagnosis Project (DrugInfo fact sheet)
The Indigenous Dual Diagnosis Project is attempting to increase the coordination and collaboration between alcohol and other drug and mental health services, develop and facilitate culturally appropriate and relevant dual diagnosis training and resources, and build capacity in the Aboriginal workforce.

Prevention of alcohol-related harms in Victoria's Koori communities (Prevention Research Quarterly)
Problematic alcohol consumption is a major contributor to the poor health status, social problems and shorter life expectancy of Australian Indigenous people.
This paper identifies a range of issues associated with alcohol-related harms and their impact on Victorian Indigenous communities and examines some of the service response options currently

Resources to purchase

Search the ADF Shop for resources aimed particularly at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.


Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)
Find quality-assured websites that provide information relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Last updated: 13 April 2016

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