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New and emerging drugs seminar

Speakers' panel at the New and emerging drugs seminarState Library of Victoria, 30 April 2013

Please note: Since this seminar was held the term 'new and emerging drugs' (NEDs) has been replaced by the term 'new psychoactive substances' (NPS).

New recreational drugs are emerging at an unprecedented rate and represent one of the biggest challenges in the alcohol and other drug field for 2013. In 2011 there were double the number of new drugs detected by the EMCDDA than in 2009.

This seminar examined how clinicians, allied health and youth workers, researchers and policy makers could respond to the questions arising from this phenomenon including:

  • Can new laws curb the increasing number of new recreational drugs on the market?
  • How can these drugs be monitored and analysed to determine potential harms?
  • Should education be provided to warn of the harms?
  • How can clinicians treat people who use these new drugs?


    • Stephen Bright—Senior Clinician, Peninsula Health Peninsula Drug and Alcohol Program & Addiction Studies Coordinator, Curtin University
    • Cameron Francis—Social Worker, Dovetail
    • Monica Barratt—Research Fellow, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University
    • Dr Keri Alexander—Addiction Medicine Specialist, Turning Point Eastern Health

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    Read about the presenters and view their presentations.

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